Space is written by Emily Sue Harvey and published by Story Plant.

Married for over 35 years, Deede and Dan Stowe are  a typical American couple who whilst not rich have been able to put a little by for their retirement. All their early married life Deede and Dan tried so desperately for a child of their own. Just as they were about to look into Adoption options, their miracle child, Faith is born.

Their world is turned upside down twenty something years later when Faith has to move back in and they have to support her whilst she tries to recover from being a drug-addict. Their once comfortable and very romantic setting is smashed apart. Faith requires constant care and supervision. The trust is soon broken between the family and their love for each other is really stretched to the limit as well as the purse strings.

Can one couple help their daughter change her path and get her back on track? Do they have enough in reserve to survive this chapter of their lives? Is love enough to save this family?

Emily Sue has written a very moving novel around a deeply troubled story line for this family. She touches beautifully on the emotion of each person as well as the wider family around them.

There is a lovely bond between the Mother and daughter even when things are at their lowest and you really feel the pain for Deede when all she is trying to do is help Faith but also understand how her darling husbands feels.

Not knowing much about the drug world, I found that this was not a problem as Emily Sue really explains the paths, the experiences and the effect these drugs can have not just on the person taking them but everyone around.

I truly thought-provoking story and extremely well written.


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  1. I hadn’t heard of this one. Sounds like an interesting read, I’ll have to keep an eye out for it.

    anji @ book cover justice

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