Strings Attached – MANDY BAGGOT

 Strings Attached is th 4th Novel written by Mandy Baggot.

George Fraser is determined to show everyone that she can make a success of her Catering Business, Finger Foods, after all she is not very successful in love! Just one request to Cater for an after show party for rock star, Quinn Blake changes everything.

Huge instant attraction between George and Quinn but they have to keep it a secret. Is Quinn everything he says he is? When they both attend the Wedding of the millennium things truly hot up. But are all George’s secrets going to come out or can she maintain her composure and professionalism?

Will her past hold her back? Are there too many obstacles and arepeople trying to stop anything developing between George and Quinn? Do people actually even know?

There is a gorgeous relationship/friendships between George and everyone that works with her including a lovely protective bond with her brother. George has a lot of issues that you learn to understand as the book develops and she really is a character that you can love. Her relationship with Quinn is wonderful and he is extremely dreamy! Wonderful easy flow to the story and extremely well written. This is a book you won’t want to put down!

I have read a few of Mandy’s previous books and I have to say that I am a big fan of hers, however, I truly believe Mandy has written her best novel so far with Strings Attached.  This book has it all, humour, glitz and glamour and an ending you just don’t see coming!  As Jane Holland formerly of Embrace Books said ‘a plot twist straight out of Dallas!’ This really is a fantastic book and I am certain that everyone that reads it will not be  disappointed – a certain best seller!!

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You can follow Mandy on twitter @MandyBaggot or via her website also… very exciting to say, you can also follow the leading Man, Quinn on twitter @QuinnBlakeMusic !!

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3 responses to “Strings Attached – MANDY BAGGOT

  1. Lou, what a great review, you’ve certainly got my interested in the book… thanks!

  2. Fantastic review, Lou! Mandy’s book is definitely on my list.

  3. Have to agree with Lou – Strings Attached is a fantastic read!

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