Wrapped up in You (VIP Edition!) – CAROLE MATTHEWS

Wrapped up in You is Carole Matthews 19th novel due out at the end of October 2011.

Janie Johnson is a 30 something single hairdresser living on her own in a little cottage in Buckinghamshire with just Archibald the Aggressive (her cat!) for company.

Her Clients and Friends constant check on her love life gets her down. Nightmare blind dates and the news that her Ex is getting married and his Fiancee is with child pushes her over the edge. Before she knows what she is saying she blurts out that she is off on an Adventure to Africa!

Arriving in the baking heat in Maasai Mara in Kenya whilst the UK is covering in Christmas snow with the knowledge that all her friends think she has lost the plot! Janie meets Dominic, a Maasai Warrior who is to be her guide for the next week and who takes her breath away the moment she meets him. Can “Just” Janie stop herself falling head over heels in love with Dominic and return to her boring in life in the UK or could she dream of a happily ever after with him?

I was delighted to get an advanced copy of Carole’s latest book armed with a hot chocolate and a blanket, (well it is a Christmas read) I set about Janie’s journey. Straight away I was hooked and couldn’t put it down. Janie is a very loveable character and I could understand her need to show her friends she had the guts to try something different with this trip to Africa. The sheer joy of her relationship with Dominic and the tenderness Carole writes of their developing love at the beginning of the story had me turning the pages to see what happens next.

An absolutely delightful story, packed full of comedy moments and also the changing dynamics of friendships as people reach new chapters in the lives. l truly felt Janie’s sadness at many parts of the story and you just can’t help willing it to turn out right for her. Is it possible to make true love work when you are from very different backgrounds or should Janie listen to what her Friends are telling her?

Perfect winter read that I totally recommend that I know you won’t be able to put down!

VIP extra edition! (only read this part once you have read the book as i don’t want to spoil the book for you!)

Well what a surprise when I opened my email to receive a VIP email as a follower of Carole via her website. I was delighted to receive the Sequel to Wrapped up in You: Christmas the following Year.

As with most books you read, you just want to know what happened once the book has finished and Carole has done just that so beautifully with these additional 7 chapters.

We find ourselves back with ‘Just Janie’ and Dominic on Christmas morning a year on. A day full of surprises with their very good friends (and neighbours!) Mike and Nina. The following pages are packed full of lots of emotion that pulled at my heart and really made me smile. A gorgeous ending to a really lovely story. These seven chapters really are the golden star that twinkles at the top of the christmas tree.

You can follow Carole on Twitter @carolematthews  or via her website www.carolematthews.com (additional chapters available in december!)



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9 responses to “Wrapped up in You (VIP Edition!) – CAROLE MATTHEWS

  1. Another excellent review Lou! Thanks!

  2. Stephanie Keyes

    I love Christmas stories! I can’t wait to read this! 🙂

  3. Thanks so much, lovely lady! Glad you liked it… C : ) xx

  4. You keep adding new books to my ‘need to read’ list Lou. Can’t keep up with you! Seriously, this sounds like another super book and a super review of it too – thank you. x

  5. I can’t wait to read this book 🙂 I had been intrigued when I first saw the cover; but after your review it’s a MUST for me!!

  6. Oh, I LOVE this review! And this sounds like the PERFECT Christmas book!! It’s going on my TBR pile like NOW!!! I greatly enjoy reading Christmas romances, so thanks for a great addition to my collection!!!

    Here’s my On My Wishlist post:


  7. I have this to review too, I have been trying to wait until a little closer to Christmas but I know that I’ll give in soon!

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