When tomorrow comes – JOANNA LAMBERT

When tomorrow comes is the first book in The Blue Eyes trilogy written by Joanne Lambert.

Ella Kendrick is an 18-year-old girl in 1965 living with her beloved Grandparents, Peggy and Richard, in Meridan Cross with her brother Nick. This is following the death of their Father and the disappearance of their mother 11 years previous. Peggy never got over her daughter just up and leaving and was haunted by the whole experience. One tragic day these images cause Peggy have an accident that changes Ella’s life as she knows it.

Melissa, the glamorous mother of Nick and Ella just walks back into their lives in 1967 with a her new husband Liam in toe. Ella is desperate to get to know the Mother she thought she would never see again, is so taken by the glamorous woman who, when the opportunity to go and live in Abbotsbridge with her and Liam is presented Ella jumps at the chance but much to the sadness of her Grandfather and brother.

Little does Ella know that her Mother has other plans for her life that don’t include her being able to go to University to train as Vet or her keeping her boyfriend Niall O’Farrell. Leaving him free to walk straight into the arms of what was once her best friend Rachel.

Can Ella get her life back on track? Will any man she meets be high enough on the Social ladder to please her Mother? Will Mel ever put her children before herself?

Joanna has written a lovely story weaving through many lives in the beautiful settings of the Somerset countryside in the mid 60’s. It’s lovely to see how friendships grow but also how simple misunderstandings can spiral out of control especially with the lack of technical communication equipment. How the devil did people survive in the 60’s without mobile phones?!?! (what is a phone box? – ok kidding about that bit!)

I really loved the character Ella, I felt her joy but also her woe’s of heartbreak. She is desperate for her Mother’s love and will do all she can to please her. I think we will see her continue to see her grow into a strong and very lovely woman. Whilst I have mentioned Ella a great deal in this review, Joanne has also introduced a great mix of other people, some which I really liked other not so much and set the scene perfectly in the first book to hold the reader’s attention ready for parts two and three. I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into them now.

Thank you Joanna for sending me a copy of this book.

Joanna is a member of the www.loveahappyending.com . You can read more about Joanna via twitter @JoLambertWriter



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2 responses to “When tomorrow comes – JOANNA LAMBERT

  1. Thank you Lou for such a fabulous review! Am so glad you enjoyed When Tomorrow Comes and hope that you enjoy Love Lies and Promises and The Ghost of You and Me as much.

  2. All three are on my reading list – so great to hear how much you enjoyed the first book in Joanna’s trilogy Lou, makes me want to read even faster to get there too!

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