Why do Fools Fall in Love? – LOUISE MARLEY

Why do Fools Fall in Love? is the second book written by Louise Marley.

Shelby is a WPC in the Tactical Firearms Team (TFT) for the Police. A bad experience one Halloween’s evening and suddenly she is finding herself looking for work! Shelby contacts her ex boss who she worked with when in CID, John Ivar who now runs a Security Agency supplying guards for factory premises, Bouncers for nightclubs and private parties, Drivers and Minder’s. None of this really appealed to her, but desperate time calls for desperate measures so she take the job of being a ‘Minder’ for Movie Star and Heart throb Luke McFadden whilst he is on a three-week film location in the beautiful historical city of Bath.

Shelby is a black belt in Judo and Karate, trained to protect people from assassins, kidnappers and therefore can handle a few middle-aged housewives, How hard can it really be? How much trouble can one Actor really get into?

This is the first book I have read of Louise Marley’s and therefore has no pre conceptions of what to expect.  It’s a really fun and easy read. Shelby is a very mixed up character, clearly desperate to be loved and therefore often attracted to the wrong men very quickly! There are many funny elements throughout the book and Shelby is often referred to ‘Calamity Jane’ even though she is always trying to do the right thing at the time. ‘She’s supposed to be keeping him out of trouble!’

Great connections with the other leading characters of the book, as the story develops little twists and turns make you understand each person a little bit more and why they act the way they do. It is not until the end do you really make up your mind as to who is a good person and who isn’t!!

Thank you so much Louise for sending me a copy of this to review. I really enjoyed this book and loved your writing style and will certainly be looking out for your other books.

You can follow Louise on twitter @LouiseMarley or find out more information about her and her other book via her website www.louisemarley.co.uk .



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4 responses to “Why do Fools Fall in Love? – LOUISE MARLEY

  1. This sounds like a fun read – a new author to discover too! Thanks x

  2. This sounds like one Lady Baggot would enjoy!! Love a bit of a kick ass heroine!!

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