Persuade Me is the second book by Juliet Archer, published by  Choc Lit showing a modern take on the classics by Jane Austen in the Darcy & Friends Series.

Anna met what she thought was the man of her dreams in France but something happened and it didn’t last. 10 years on, Anna hears that Celebrity Scientist, Dr Rick Wentworth is back in the UK from Australia promoting his latest bestseller Sex in the Sea.

How will she cope seeing this man who broke her heart? Rick is incapable to “forgive and forget” and Anna is filled with “regret”. Never truly getting over their painful parting, with others showing too much interest in both of them. Will they get the chance to re kindle the sensuality of what they once shared or will Anna’s obsessed in social standing and image get in the way of them realising what they both truly feel?

Can Anna persuade Rick to risk his heart again or will he leave to go back to Australia?

I hang my head in shame as I write this review as there are so many classics that I know I should have read but haven’t had chance too yet. After a little research it is very apparent that this book is very true to the original just written in the modern-day. This is in its self really impressed me. The skill to re-write something that popular and still make it current. I think Juliet has done an amazing job.

This is also the first book I have read that has been published by Choc Lit. Their website states “where heroes are like chocolate – irresistible” and Rick certainly was. He sounds exactly like a leading man should, gorgeous, clever and with history (maybe even a little moody!) that you couldn’t help but love him. Anna as the lead was a great character also. Very real and her views and actions to me felt very believable. Bit of humour included but all wrapped into a great story.

You can purchase this book via Amazon / Waterstones or via Juliet’s website Also you can follower her on Twitter @JulietArcher . I will certainly be looking out for the other books in the series which I believe will include next to be Mr Tilner from Northanger Nights then Mr Bertram (Mansfield Park) and eventually Mr Darcy ( Pride & Prejudice) and Mr Ferrars (Sense and Sensibility).

Thank you so much for sending me a copy of this to review @ChocLitUK .



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3 responses to “Persuade Me – JULIET ARCHER

  1. Ooo this sounds like a good read! Got quite concerned with the meeting in France and ten years after – sounded like one of my WIPs! Will have to try this one out!

  2. Thank you so much for this wonderful review, Lou!

    Mandy, we must be telepathic …

  3. Rea

    I enjoyed this but like you as I haven’t read many of the classics xx

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