The High Heeled Guide to Spiritual Living – ALICE GRIST

The High Heeled Guide to Spiritual Living is the follow on from High Heeled Guide to Enlightenment by Alice Grist.

Alice has written a frank and honest account in very simple terms for all to understand, this is a definitive Guide to a more Spiritual life. It is clear that Alice has a lot of experience on this subject and is extremely honest and often very amusing in her interpretation of this subject. ” The High Heeled Guide to Spiritual Living demonstrates how in a world overrun by rampant egos, consumerism and celebrity you can revamp your life your soul with feisty feminine panache”

This really is an easy read whether you are new to the Spiritual Living or just looking for a fresh view or to help you back on track. I loved the way at the start that Alice list of the don’t /nots and clears all the misconceptions we all have!

Split into different chapters about many aspects of everyday life and what is happening around you and touching on subjects we often find difficult to address. This book makes you reflect on your past and think of you future and I think will definitely help me move on with the next stage of my life.  I will continue to re-do the tasks and exercises and really think these will help me grow into a more spiritual person.

A book you can pick up and put down and just read when you have a little bit of free time. It’s so personal, it is like having Alice over for a cuppa and discussing things with you and encouraging you that you can do it if you try! A must for any Coffee table.

Thanks so much for a copy of this Alice. I won’t be passing my copy on but will certainly be purchasing a few copies for close friends as gifts.

Available to purchase at Waterstones to via this link to amazon 




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3 responses to “The High Heeled Guide to Spiritual Living – ALICE GRIST

  1. THank you so much fro this Louise. It’s really appreciated. If anyone is interested in some free and fun guidance they should head over to my social network – everyone very welcome!
    Again, thank you! Alice x

  2. Thanks for the review Louise! I’ll have to check this out.

  3. I really like the sound of this book – thanks for the heads up on this one Lou!

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