Fat Girls and Fairy Cakes – SUE WATSON

Fat Girls & Fairy Cakes is the first novel by Sue Watson published by Rickshaw Publishing. The story is about a TV Producer, Stella Weston. She is over worked, over weight and struggling to manage work and family life. With the “help” of the horrible MJ, Stella soon finds herself on location in Rochdale producing a religious gardening programme. The show is in trouble and it’s not helped by the nervous Vicar and his nymphomaniac Wife!

When troubles looms, Stella always finds herself elbow deep in cake mix. Can she find the strength to quit what makes her unhappy and build a new life and survive on her passion and a dream

Any book that has an opening heading as “Sex in the Dark” and the first line as “I need sex every day, Luv” said Denise, the Vicars wife”  … has me hooked and I wasn’t disappointed. There is a huge amount of humour in the book and laugh out loud moments, particular in the first part. Sue introduces a handful of characters that you either really love or ones that you really hate!

As Stella’s life changes, friendships grow and there are some truly magical parts when you wish you had friends like Stella around you especially when things are not going so well. Lots of emotion that will have you turning the pages (probably with a cake in your hand!) and holding your breath.

Think Bridget Jones meets Nigella Lawson, this really is a fantastic book and I can’t recommend it enough.

Thank you Sue so much for an advanced copy of it. I wish you every success with it and can’t wait for book number 2!

Now is your chance to win a copy of this fabulous book … leave a comment below with your favourite Fairy Cake recipe and how you like to decorate them.  The winner will be picked by Sue and not only that could well get a special mention and credit in an up and coming sequel book by Sue! (closing date Saturday 17th September – please leave an email address)

You can find out more information on Sue via the following website  http://fatgirlsandfairycakes.blogspot.com/ 
  or follow her on Twitter @suewatsonwriter .

Sue is also an Author with www.loveahappyending.com of which I am very proud to say I am one of her Associated Readers!

Tp purchase via Amazon http://tiny.cc/at87l



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9 responses to “Fat Girls and Fairy Cakes – SUE WATSON

  1. Rea

    My favourite is crushed oreo mixed in with butter cream on a chocolate sponge with a mini oreo on the top. yummy !!!xxx

  2. Mmm – litttle carrot cupcakes with cream-cheese filling – decorated with a walnut! That’s my fav! Not too sweet but very yummy!
    I wish you every success with your fabulous book, Sue!
    Janice x

  3. Oh my gosh!! I want to read this 😀 Thanks for this great post on this one; I hadn’t heard of it but it sounds fabulous!!

  4. Thanks for another great review. My favourite are lavender fairy cakes. They are really easy to make and so pretty, I decorate them with lavender coloured icing and tiny sprigs of lavender

  5. Hello Lou and Sue,
    I would love to read Fat Girls and Fairy Cakes for some of those laugh out loud moments. My fairy cakes would have a lemony flavour sponge, be covered with white icing, topped with some silver sugar fairies nestling in a sprinkle of grated coconut. xx

  6. Hi! I would really, really enjoy Fat Girls and Fairy Cakes. Sounds like my world and my life! My favourite cupcake recipe is Delia’s Fairy Cakes. I let the boys (6 and 4) loose on them, and also leave them free hand in decorating… icing, jellies, sprinkles, stars, glittery balls… you name it, they’ll feature. Sugar overload, but great fun and delicoius. At least they’re cooking! xx Thanks for a fab review and this competition to Lou and Sue. 🙂

  7. The Winner picked by Sue Watson is ……..

    Lavender cakes by Sarah (Today I’m Reading) – Sue loved the sound so these. Well done Sarah!

    I will email Sarah with the deatils etc.

  8. Well done Sarah, you lucky thing! 🙂 Enjoy!! V. envious at this end…. xx

  9. Congratulations Sarah 🙂 I would have chosen your lavender idea too. Funnily enough, though I love all things lavender, I have never tasted it. Maybe I need your recipe! xx

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