Satchfield Hall – PAULINE BARCLAY

Satchfield Hall is a novel by Pauline Barclay along with Magnolia House and her latest Sometimes it Happens.

Celia Bryant-Smythe has had everything, growing up in a beautiful house, Satchfield Hall with her Mother and Father and 3 brothers. When her father, Henry Bryant-Smythe hears via his nosey Housekeeper that his innocent daughter is not so innocent after all, he has no trouble in “dealing” with her. What the arrogant man doesn’t realise is that the actions of that day will change the courses of his life and everyone around him forever in the decades to come. But he is too self involved to realise.

Celia Bryant-Smythe’s life changes that very day. The pain, loss and sadness that she experiences and she does not find the ultimate peace until the death of one man.

Has Celia’s actions ruined the family or just herself? Can she recover and pull herself back? Does Henry have a heart after all?

Satchfield Hall starts at the end of the story and soon you are transported back into the time of the second World War. Pauline has written on the back of the book  “Satchfield Hall is not about gentleness, tranquillity and privilege; it is about, power, love, lies and in the end revenge.” and that is certainly true. This is a story of a family’s struggle. Of how one mans actions spreads a web of sorrow across a much wider field.

I adored this book. I love anything that involves a Master of the house and the downstairs staff. I was hooked from the very first chapter and was engulfed into the sadness of each event as it unfolded. Pauline hints of things that are to come but I found myself desperately wanting to know what happened next. This is a love story but is not a simple one and things are not easy for anyone.

This is a completely different theme to Sometimes it Happens which I had read previously. What is key to both of Pauline’s books I have now read is that she really can tell a story and make the characters come alive. I haven’t cried in a book so much and so often. This is a must to be added to your TBR pile.


You can follow Pauline on twitter @PaulineMBarclay or find out more information via her website > This book is available as an ebook or paperback via amazon – click this link purchase it!

Pauline is an Author with and I’m very proud to be one of her Associated Readers.



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11 responses to “Satchfield Hall – PAULINE BARCLAY

  1. What a wonderful review of what sounds like a great book. A must read for the Autumn/Winter – thanks!

  2. Lou, you’ve made me cry….thank you so much for this wonderful review on Satchfield Hall. Big hugs xxx

  3. You’re most welcome Pauline. I only write what I truely feel.

    Janice… add to your TBR pile, you won’t be disappointed!

  4. It’s my birthday today and my husband has bought me a Kindle. I shall be downloading Satchfield Hall this afternoon! Well done lovely Pauline and thanks for the great review Lou. xx

  5. Make it a hat trick and add Magnolia House to your reading list – I might be biaised at it’s my house on the cover! Pauline is a gifted writer as well as a very good friend and to my mind manages to write a different type of story each time, can’t wait for future writings!

    Sue Beveridge

  6. Happy Birthday Angela have a fabby day, enjoy your Kindle and I hope you will also enjoy Satchfield Hall, though it does come with a warning….tisses needed! xx

    Thank you again Lou! xx

  7. Fab review Lou. Added to my wishlist x

  8. Gorgeous looking house Sue.. I will be buying Magnolia House for my kindle later today!
    Thanks everyone for your comments xxx

  9. Amazing review! Definitely a book that will be going on my TBR list along with Pauline’s other novels.

  10. Thank you everyone, you make me feel very humble.. x
    Sue , thank you for stopping by at Lou’s Blog,
    It is Sue’s fabby Cornish cottage on the front of Magnolia House, you can see just how big and gorgeous her place…oh is by the way it is not pink! But here it is….!

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