Nothing but Trouble – RACHEL GIBSON

 Nothing but Trouble is the 14th book written by Rachel Gibson.

Twin Chelsea is an out of work Actress and is in desperate need of money. When the offer of a $10,000 bonus on top of a salary is offered she jumps at the chance. How hard can it be to care for a Famous Hockey Star recovering from a near fatal road accident for just 3 months?

Moody Mark Bressler is finding it extremely hard to recover from his accident and not to be able to do one of the  two things he does best in life, play Hockey. But he definitely does not need a “carer” and certainly not an overly cheerful Chelsea. How hard can it be to make her quit?

Is this going to be the toughest role of actress Chelsea life? Can opposites attract and sparks fly?

This is a very quick and easy book to read (maybe comes across a little rushed). Not a huge story to it and it is rather obvious where this book will go, saying that, I did enjoy it and liked the funny elements with in it between Mark and Chelsea.  It is a typical “Beverly Hills” type book, full of riches and sexual references (and some of that can be extremely detailed!!) I would say however, I felt the ending was rather rushed and maybe not totally believable .. however anything can happen in Hollywood!!

This book is my 3rd book in the Transworld Book challenge.



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3 responses to “Nothing but Trouble – RACHEL GIBSON

  1. I looked at the blurb when choosing the books for the Transworld challenge Lou and after reading your review – am glad I chose the books I did. This sounds like a ‘filler’ between reads – nothing wrong with that! but not one I will add to my wishlist x

  2. You’ve hit the nail on the head with it being a “filler”. Wouldn’t rush out an buy it Shaz x

  3. Quite interesting reading all the book reviews on this blog hop. I probably wouldn’t have read them otherwise.

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