Sophie’s Turn – NICKY WELLS

Sophie’s Turn is the first novel written by Nicky Wells. Sophie Penhalligan is a 28-year-old journalist living in London. In a committed relationship to Tim, but worried that is doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast – why hasn’t Tim proposed yet? An accidental meeting at the Airport of Darren the guitarist of band Tusk. The band she had travelled from Cornwall to Edinburgh to meet and go back stage with almost 10 years previous. The band that she had an enormous crush on the lead singer Dan, all those years ago. Darren invites her to a session they have coming up.

How can Tim every compare to the gorgeous Dan. The old feelings come flooding back to her and when she gets the opportunity to travel with them as an assignment for the newspaper there is no stopping her – after all it is work!

With the new excitement of Tim’s (eventual!) proposal and the work assignment, everything seems to going great for Sophie!  But how come after just a few days things have changed so much! “Slapper. Slut. Adulteress. These are hardly words that Sophie Penhalligan would normally use to describe herself.” How can she suddenly find herself in Paris engaged to two men at the same time? What is she going to do? Who should she really be with? Can Tim compete with the man of her dreams, Rock Star Dan?

This is a great book and very easy to read. You start the story half way through and then return back to the past and retrace Sophie’s steps when she met the Band and then her relationship with Tim. There are lots of very funny elements to this book and some great characters. A wonderful friendship between Sophie and her best friend Rachel. Packed full of heated highs but also some very sad lows that might have you reaching for a tissue. (Loved the ending) Nicky has written a perfect ChickLit book that easily stands up against the others available today in the shops. 

Thank you so much Nicky for sending me a copy of this novel.

You can follow Nicky on twitter @WellsNicky or via her blog . The book is available via amazon as an ebook


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2 responses to “Sophie’s Turn – NICKY WELLS

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  2. Thanks for your review…I love the title and cover…sounds like a great book!:)

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