The Secrets Between Us – LOUISE DOUGLAS

The Secrets Between Us is the 3rd novel written by Louise Douglas.

Whilst trying to move on from her own life Sarah meets Alexander when on holiday in Sicily. It was a chance encounter, both searching for answers to their broken relationships. Alexander offers Sarah a fresh start back in England looking after his son Jamie.

Arriving in Burrington Stokes, there is a lot of hostility toward Sarah. Everyone loved Alex’s wife, Genevieve. She was perfect in every way with family around the corner that adored her. Gen was a mother, a Wife and her love of horses, why did she walk out from it all, leave it all behind and not contact anyone?

Does Alex know more than he is letting on about Genevieve leaving? His family and friends certainly think so. Can Sarah truly trust the man she has fallen in love with?

This was my first book I’ve read written by Louise Douglas and I hadn’t done any research of her previous books so I had no expectations. The book is a love story but it is much deeper than that. It’s a story that will have your pulse racing as the story unfolds with the haunting twists and turns. There is comparission of Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca to it, but it stands out on its own and is extremely well written. You feel their struggles and pain and you will things to turn out for the best as you turn each page. It says on the back of the book that it is a “page turner that will keep you gripped to the very last chapter” and that is certainly true. An excellent suspense and a wonderful book.

This was the second book I have read as part of the Transworld Book Group Challenge.

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3 responses to “The Secrets Between Us – LOUISE DOUGLAS

  1. Lovely review Lou. As you know I’m reading it too and agree with everything you’ve said

  2. Thanks honey – very impressed with it!

  3. Haunting cover – sounds like another one for the little pile I keep that I will be unpacking really soon! Fab review Louise!

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