Bagpipes and Bullshot – JANICE HORTON

Bagpipes and Bullshot is the first novel by Janice Horton. This is a story of a Laird, Innes Buchanan in desperate need to save his ancestral home, a large estate in Scotland that is crumbling around him and bankruptcy fast approaching if he doesn’t come up with something to save it. Whilst researching a new initiative and researching how to breed Cattle  in Texas, Innes meets Orley MacKenna. A cow-girl who is a deeply suspicious and an untrusting person!

Can Innes convince Orley to come to Scotland and help establish these new breed of cattle on his Estate? Can Orley trust someone enough to travel across the Ocean and start a new life where she can truly be happy? Can they both move on from their past?

Janice has written a fantastic story full of beautifully descriptive imagery that makes you actually feel like you there! It is extremely clear that Janice knows the area very well and has an excellent knowledge of cattle farming.

Some great and very different characters with lots of comedy but also honest and moving elements in places. This really is RomCom at it’s best in a rural setting. A seemless and easy read that will not disappoint in any way. (You also get to find out what A bullshot is, if like me you had no idea!!)

Janice’s next book will be called Reaching for the Stars which I can’t wait to read if it is as good as this!

You can follow Janice on twitter @JaniceHorton or read more about her via her website 

Janice is also a member of the group of which I am proud to be an Associated Reader for.



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4 responses to “Bagpipes and Bullshot – JANICE HORTON

  1. Louise, you always make me want to immediately download books with your great reviews! I may be taking out a loan soon! Great work.

    • Ohh thanks Stephanie thats very lovely of you to say!! I know the feeling mind. Can’t buy anymore until I have caught up with my towering TBR pile! (we both know i will though!!)

  2. Oh wow – thank you Lou – I’m so delighted you read and enjoyed Bagpipes & Bullshot but totally excited that you wrote such a fabulous review!
    Thank you!

  3. What a great review Lou! I’m so looking forward to reading this book.

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