The Devil’s Music – JANE RUSBRIDGE

The Devil’s Music is the debut novel by Jane Rusbridge.

A story set in the late 1950’s. A family have to come to terms with a Daughter that is “not quite all there” according to the Father. The Mother is lonely and sinks deep into despair until she finds hope in a young painter who comes to decorate the family house.  Andy the Son, has the distraction of his shared love of knots with his Grandfather.

Everything changes one day at the beach when Andy is left in charge of his baby sister. He soon realises that “not all treasures can be kept safe forever”. 30 years later, can the now Andrew, return to these places and face his past?

Jane was written a very gripping story packed full of the pain of family secrets and tragic scenes. The story changes between the past and the present  but all weaves together beautifully to a perfect conclusion through 5 parts. Written from the perspective of the child in places that pulls at your heart as you read what they think they see. Strong characters that some you can neither love nor hate with a wonderful bond between Andy and his Grampy. 

A wonderfully written, deeply moving 1st novel Jane. Thank you so much for sending it to me to read. x

Jane’s second novel Rook will be published by Bloomsbury in July 2012. You can follow Jane on twitter @JaneRusbridge or read more information on her website .



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2 responses to “The Devil’s Music – JANE RUSBRIDGE

  1. Thank you for sharong your review, I will be looking out for this book.

  2. Thanks so much for the lovely review, Louise. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. For writers, meeting readers is one of the very best things about twitter!

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