The Golden Mean – by ANNABEL LYON

The Golden Mean is the first novel by Annabel Lyon is a story set in 367BC. The story starts with Philip II at war with Persia the time has come for his young son Alexander (soon to turn into Alexander the Great) to take up his inheritance of blood and obedience to the sword.

Aristotle is his teacher and he soon realises that Alexander has a lot to learn before he can attend his father battlefields, this is the lesson of the golden mean.

This is a story with a huge amount of historical fact with Aristotle philosophising a great deal and can therefore in parts be a hit heavy going. It is definitely a thinking book not a relaxing easy read. I will be honest, I had real trouble finishing this book and needed help from a family member for some understanding!  It was far to deep and heavy for my little mind! I did enjoy relationship between Aristotle and his Father in the flash backs.

It is very obvious that Annabel has had to do a tremendous amount of research for it and it is clearly shown in the way she has beautifully put the story together. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t for me. If you love factual novels set in this period, then this a book for you.

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  1. Sorry that it wasn’t for you.

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