Good-bye to All That – MARGO CANDELA


Good-bye to all that is a modern-day story of Raquel Azorian, a twenty something lady who works for an American Corporation within Marketing Department as a PA to Bert, I mean Mr Floss at Belmore Corporation. The only thing Raquel can rely on is herself, diet coke and pop-tarts each morning! Work plods along with the understanding of her place within the organisation but with dreams that she will be noticed for her connections and ability and one day be promoted by Mr Floss to an Executive!

Aside from work, Raquel has on the surface a happy family behind her. Mum and Dad who have been married for ever and then her Brother Steve with his wife “Cricket” with twin babies. Throughout the novel, each member relies upon Raquel for help without ever wondering how her life is!

Everything ticks over in Raquel’s world until one day, everything changes at home and also work. Her boss, Mr Floss, suddenly starts working from home and is never around. The control for power within the office is being fought for by Mr Fuller and the distraction of the Vice President, Kyle Martin. Her mother needs her and her brother and sister-in-law are acting strange! Raquel needs to help everyone for the sake of her own survival.

A great introduction for me to Margo Candela, I loved this booked. Very funny in parts, quick paced with lots going on and characters that you could really believe in! If the title Chick-lit is still current, this definitely fits within that. If you like a book that you are hooked in from page 1 and not able to put down to the final pages, then I strongly recommend this! Really enjoyed it. I am certainly looking forward to Margo’s new books and will buy her other books released already.

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  1. John C. Baker

    It’s a decent read, but I think her previous book, “More than This” is better. It’s paced better (a little frenetic, if anything) and the characters are more likable.

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