Meant to Be is a novel jointly written by Beverly Butler and Sue Warhaftig about a 50-year-old mother Judith McCoy, who has lost her way with the continued PTA meetings, ferrying the children to and from school and somehow completely misplaced her libido but found the bottle.

Judith is married to a successful New York business man Rod McCoy. They were college sweethearts but the years have had a strain on their marriage. This is not helped by the resident office hottie, Tammie. Rod’s midlife crisis could very well cost him his married once Judith becomes aware of what is happening.

Desperate to get herself away from everything that is going wrong in her life, Judith takes the girls and spends the summer holidays at her best friend Debbie’s “beach house”. Judith hits rock bottom and knows that things have to change and she needs to heal herself. She realised what is meant to be.

I was asked to review this book and I am so glad I did. Packed full of emotion, sadness, laughter and sex! (Note … certainly not for the faint hearted or if you blush easily!). Characters that you can believe in and relate too. The story tells the journey of a family and how they try to overcome all the obstacles in front of them with the help of dear friends and some family members. Can they get back what they had or has too much happened to repair the damage?

This book had me at chapter one this morning and I never put it down until the final words this evening.

A fabulous read!

You can purchase this book via Amazon  or follow Sue and Bev on Twitter @MeantToBeBook  or via their website



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5 responses to “Meant to Be – by BEVERLY BUTLER and SUE WARHAFTIG

  1. Sue

    Thank you Louise! We are so flattered and love the fact that you enjoyed reading this book as much as we enjoyed writing it! Here’s a link for a free chapter special for your blog readers!

    We’d love to hear from your readers after they have read Meant To Be! xoxo Sue

  2. Rea

    Sounds like one to look out for !! xx

  3. D.A. Lundgren

    Tremendous read, finished it off in a single sitting because I couldn’t put it down!

  4. Linda Spanky

    WARNING! If you read the free sample you will be hooked on it like I was! I stll can’t believe I can read it on my droid x phone! This book sucked me right in! I’m trying to savor the last of it for vacation… but so hard to wait!!!

  5. Karen

    Hello….My name is Karen….when I was 12 I read Beverly’s book Light a single Candle, I am visually impaired and loved the book. I would like to read more of your books including this one, are any of your past books avaiable for sony ereaders or in large print…thank your book really impacted my life

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