The Bridge Club – PATRICIA SANDS

The Bridge Club by Patricia Sands is a story about eight 60 something Women set over forty years. Brought together with their passion of Bridge and so the Club is established. Fate takes hold of each of the 8 ladies in different ways and their friendship is tested every time. They remain loyal, don’t judge each other and offer the ultimate support when needed.

The books starts at the end. You get a taste of what is to come and the ultimate test of friendship is brought to them. Eight chapters are dedicated in turn to each one of the 8 ladies where you are  transported to their most important time in their life and they remember the feelings and support they gave each other. Their “one for all and all for one ” mantra uniting them in their individual struggles. Drinks, laughter and tears will help them work through their beliefs and values.

I wondered when I got this book if I would be able to connect with a group of ladies with a love of Bridge, not being able to play etc! Like it says on the front of the cover, was never just about the cards. This book is so much more than a group playing bridge. This is a story of hope and sorrow. Friendships tested but always the first place each lady comes when in times of trouble/need or reassurance.

Beautifully written, Patricia introduces you to each Character dedicating a chapter to each one but still showing the closeness of the friendships through out. This book will have you laughing with them but also reaching for a tissue and the struggles they all endure. To me the ending was perfect and I totaly understood the direction that Patricia took and why. Loved the Bridge card display at the end of each chapter with a heading so fitting to what you have just read, lovely touch.

A thought provoking read for anyone, whatever age, who has close friendships that mean the world to them.

Patricia Sands in one of the Authors with and of which I am proud to be one of her Associated Readers. You can following Patricia on twitter @patricia_sands or via her website



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4 responses to “The Bridge Club – PATRICIA SANDS

  1. Sounds like a great read! Thanks for the review!

  2. Dear Louise
    Your insightful review of The Bridge Club is most appreciated. I’m so pleased you enjoyed the story and its message attesting to the power of friendship. There are often bumps in the road as we travel the wonderful, and sometimes confounding, journey through life and knowing you have great friends to offer support, laughter and unconditional love is a blessing indeed. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing my novel and I will continue to follow your review blog with great interest. Read on!

  3. I just bought it and now have it in TBR – Thanks for the review.

  4. Excellent review. Gives a real insight to the book. Thank you. 🙂

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