Hurry Up and Wait – ISABEL ASHDOWN

Hurry Up and Wait is the second novel by Isabel Ashdown following on the from the award-winning success of Glasshopper.

A 39 nine-year old Sarah Ribbons is preparing to attend a reunion at her old School, Selton High School for Girls. Can she bring herself to revisit the 1980’s?

It’s 1985 and Sarah is 15 years old living with her elderly Father with all the usual issues any 15-year-old girl has in her final year at High School. The ever-changing friendship status with Katie and Tina she embarks upon a year she will never forget. With the sudden illness of her father, Sarah has to stay with Kate’s family, who appear to be so young and exciting but nothing is ever the same again.

I’ll be honest I had no idea what this novel was about. I saw people chatting with Isabel on Twitter and saying how much they loved the story so I decided to read it also. Isabel has written a wonderful story which on the surface is light and funny and which will transport you back the 1980’s, the music, the fashion and Our Price. It starts in the present day but you slip back to 1985 and re-live that final year at school with Sarah. 

The story has so much more to offer which I was not expecting. It focuses on Sarah’s relationships with her friends, family, boyfriends and other people she comes into contact with. It has lovely moments of friendship but also times of heartbreak and realisation for Sarah that there is big bad world out there.

I read this book in a day as I just couldn’t put it down. An excellent story, which I really enjoyed and totally recommend. I will certainly now be getting a copy of Glasshopper if this is anything to go by.

You can follow Isabel Ashdown on twitter @isabelashdown or visit her website


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  1. Isabel Ashdown

    Thanks so much for the lovely review Louise! It’s always nice to meet new readers on twitter – and I’m delighted to hear that you enjoyed reading ‘Hurry Up and Wait’. As well as being a writer, I’m an avid reader, and I always refer to reader reviews before I buy – so it’s much appreciated. I’ll look forward to lots more book chat with you on twitter!

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