Room is about a 5-year-old boy Jack who lives with Ma. They don’t just live in an everyday house like other children his age, but a shed more fitting for tools. They are prisoners but this world is all Jack knows.

The story is written from Jack’s perspective with all the innocence of a 5-year-old boy. More than him being just a small boy, the book focuses on the basic joys that they have together. His whole life has been spent within those 4 walls, never being aware of the outside world or other people other than is Mother and occasional visits from his “Dad”. The closeness is demonstrated in many ways not just with the use a language all of their own. Everything in Jack’s world has its own identity and a very important role within their lives.

Emma has beautifully written a very moving, at times heart breaking story which is basically the love of a Mother for her Child and what ends she will go to try to make his “life” a happy and a fulfilled one within their confinements. It is so easy to imagine the hell that real people go through in such conditions from the simplicity of the words yet so very powerful.

This is a real page turner and will hook you straight away. Personally I felt the last quarter or so of the book was a little disappointing. however I really do recommend it and have passed my copy on to my friends to also enjoy.



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4 responses to “Room – EMMA DONOGHUE

  1. This sounds intriguing. Very honest review as well.

    CJ xx

  2. Excellent review Louise! I have just begun to read it.

  3. I loved this book, though it was absolutely terrifying in places (more than some pure horror novels even!) A lot of people hated the second half though, so I wrote a defense of sorts of it here:

  4. Rea

    I loved this ok although disturbing in places it was so gripping xxx

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