Afterwards is Rosamund Lupton second novel following on from the amazing success of Sister. The story starts on a normal day at a school where families are joined together to enjoy the Sports day for the Pupils at Sidley House.

Everything changes in particular for one family, the Covey Family, when black smoke suddenly escapes from the school into the sky. Grace the Mother not seeing her daughter Jenny stood with her son, runs into the fire to try to find her.

Grace recites the story of what happens next and the struggle that she as a Mother has trying to identify who was the arsonist and to save her daughter. Nothing is that simple though with many limitations in front of her.

I guess I expected a lot from this second novel as I thought Sister was a fantastic story. I did find myself trying to second guess what was going to happen and look for hidden plots because of it! You will not be disappointed by Afterwards. It is packed full of emotion and love of a family and the length any Mother will go to protect her Child. I was concerned that I would struggle to understand the situation that Grace was in whilst re-counting the story but it is very cleverly written that you believe it is possible and the part comes second to the story.

Can you really trust everyone that you hold dear to you and are first impressions really what they seem?

A “whodunit” / tense suspense thriller all wrapped into one. As with Sister, Rosamund leaves you with an amazing ending.



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2 responses to “Afterwards – ROSAMUND LUPTON

  1. This one is on my wishlist Lou and it sounds like a good read from your review 🙂 Thank you

  2. A good review leaves the reader wanting to dash out or go online and immediately buy the book in question. You have certainly caused me to do just that!

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