Sometimes it Happens – PAULINE BARCLAY

Sometimes it Happens is the latest novel by Pauline Barclay set in a millionaires paradise resort called Villas Bonitas.  You are introduced to Doreen a British “scrubber” from the East end of London who wins the lottery. Totally out of her comforts zone she arrives at the Resort with her 17-year-old daughter, Trisha.

Within the resort there are a number of other people who own a Villas and are either living there fulltime or also just visiting their holiday home.  These characters are very central to the story and Pauline has perfectly entwined them together without you realising how from the very start.

I loved this book right from the first chapter. Very easy to read with some great characters from all different walks of life. The story has a message written all the way through it that it doesn’t matter how much money you have whether it is old money or new money people have their own problems and it is more about how you treat people and in turn people treat you. This is definitely a love story. Each person is desperate to be loved in their own way, in some cases they are not aware of that!

Very humourous and beautifully written with an ending that really does round off the story very well. Pauline will have you reaching for a tissue in places or a glass of something fizzy with bubbles throughout! Not forgetting the hysterical line with the words Torn-me-knee-off!

Great summer read. Thank you Pauline. I will certainly be downloading to my Kindle your other two books.

You can buy Sometimes it Happens via Amazon – and also visit Pauline’s website for more information on this book and her others .

Pauline Barclay is also a featured Author of which I’m proud to be one of her Associate Readers.



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4 responses to “Sometimes it Happens – PAULINE BARCLAY

  1. Hello Louise, thank you so much for your wonderful Blog. I am so pleased you enjoyed my latest book, I hope it made you giggle. I certainly did writing it. “Torn your knee off” can you believe anyone would say that…laugh! Hugs to you x

  2. I’m currently reading this book on my Kindle. Starting to feel a little sympathy towards Doreen now although I wouldn’t mind her money, lol.

    Great review,
    CJ xx

  3. Hi, I read this recently, it’s a really enjoyable read, although I was a little jealous of the sunshine and riches. I could definitely feel the heat on my skin and imagined myself lying on a sunbed watching these wonderful characters and their colourful lives. Not at all jealous of the money that Doreen won – yeah right. Great review Louise. x

  4. Love your review, Louise. I’ll be downloading that immediately!

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