When God Was a Rabbit – SARAH WINMAN

When God was a Rabbit is a story of a relationship between a Brother (Joe) and his Sister (Elly).  It is all about their childhood and through into adulthood and the ups and downs they experience. Written mainly from Elly’s point of view like memoirs.

Elly has a best friend who smells of chips but most of all she has her brother who is always looking after her. The family has some success and this in turn changes their lives. Their story is intertwined with rich friendships of all generations as well as some very friendly animals. However, it does touch on the darker side of love and sex as well as loss.

This is a lovely written story with historical memories included since the 1960’s to the present day as the backdrop. You really get to embrace some of the characters and they seem very real.

I have to admit I struggled with this book a little but was glad I finished it. I think that says more about my taste than the quality of the writing. I discussed this book with a friend who loved it  and referred to it as a watercolour rather than a master piece but i can totally understand. A gentle flow to the story with lots of hidden depth.


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