Knowing me knowing you – MANDY BAGGOT

Knowing me knowing you is Mandy Baggot’s 3rd novel.

The story focuses on recently divorced single mother Kate. Working as a Legal executive at Randall’s with the Lady Dragon, Miranda as her boss. Kate juggles debts, work and her daughter Bethan with the help of her tea leaf reading best friend Hermione. Kate is a typical single mother of today, struggling to make ends meet whilst trying to get a bit of her own life back as well but still be a Mum. Matthew, her ex is not the most hands on of fathers!

Due to a company function and the shame of having to attend without a plus one, Mione suggests she hires a Male escort for the evening. Over a cheap bottle of wine and a pinged microwave meal, Kate books Stephen or so she thinks but gorgeous swim wear model Joel turns up instead.

No time to change her mind Kate and Joel arrive at the function to suddenly find themselves well and truly stitched up by the Lady Dragon and have been entered into a relationship Contest, think Mr & Mrs with a Love Dove! Can Kate and Joel get their act together and be the prefect couple and win the £10k prize money or will the past ruin everything?

I found this book so easy to read and you are swept up into Kate’s mixed up life straight way. Thank goodness for the help of Hermione who tries to be her common sence!

The book is full of comedy and some very funny scenes around the contest, but Mandy also touches on the whole relationship status whether they are friends or lovers which are past or present and how they can have an impact on your now and can be very touching in places. This is Chic Lit  at its best!

Can’t wait to read Breaking the Ice and Excess all areas also by Mandy.

You can buy Knowing me, Knowng you via amazon and find out more about Mandy via her website

Mandy Baggot is also a featured Author of which I’m proud to be an Associate Reader for (launch date 29th June ’11).



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6 responses to “Knowing me knowing you – MANDY BAGGOT

  1. Thank you for the fantastic review and I’m so glad you enjoyed it!! Hope you like the other books too!!

  2. Sounds fabulous! Another to add to my list. I’m getting some great books to read over the summer.

    CJ xx

  3. This is the second great review I’ve read on this book. Looks like a must-read! 🙂

  4. Great review Louise, this looks like just the kind of book I love to read am popping over to Amazon shortly to put in my order! x

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