Heaven Scent is the 3rd book by Sasha Wagstaff.

Cat Hayes is an English girl who meets and marries a guy called Oliver Ducasse whilst in St Tropez. Sadly he dies suddenly very soon after their marriage. On her return back to England she receives a letter from his family ‘The Ducasse’. Knowing nothing about them at all she heads to France arriving at their Mansion and a whole different world to what she is used to.

There was much more to Oliver than she was aware of. The family is very suspicious of her and in some cases rather unkind. Cat’s reaction is to just turn and leave but there is always someone asking her to stay just that bit longer. She certainly doesn’t need them, but do they need her?

Full of elegant French chic, fabulous locations and the most beautiful perfumes this book will has you turning each page with lots of unexpected twists and turns from the very start. You can’t help but fall in love with some of the characters! If you love sophistication and sexy leading men, you will adore this book just like me.

I am a huge fan of all of Sasha’s work. To me she reminds me of a younger Jackie Collins and her books certainly do not disappoint with the glitz and glamour (not forgetting a little bit of love interest!!). 

Can’t wait for Sasha’s next book.

To purchase form amazon http://tiny.cc/45lod


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One response to “Heaven Scent – SASHA WAGSTAFF

  1. Many thanks for the fabulous review…I’m so glad you enjoyed it! This has been my favourite novel to write so far, mostly because I have a genuine love of perfumes. I also enjoyed indulging myself with lots of memories of French holidays, food and experiences.

    I really hope other readers enjoy Heaven Scent too and get happily lost in the heady world of perfumes, glamour and gorgeous, sexy men!


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