Rowan is Lauren Howell’s first novel. (I think I am right in saying that !)

The story is about a teenage girl, Kelly, that goes in search of her Father.

A complete stranger, Jake appears from nowhere at her home and offers to help and takes her to places totally out of this world, full of Dragon’s and magical figures to help her with her search. There is more to Jake than first meets the eye!

Apart from the adventure that Kelly embarks upon she also develops some lovely friendships along the way as well  as some tough situations to overcome!

Lauren has written a great book with lots of exciting twists and turns that keeps you reading and wonder what happens next. There are fab descriptive passages full of detail around the people or the places. You can’t help feel that you are actually there.

For such a young author, Lauren has demonstrated a wonderful skill at story writing and keeping the reader wanting more. I believe we will be reading many more of the Lauren’s books and wouldn’t be surprised if the Rowan saga continued.

Can’t wait to read Rowan to my daughter as I know it will really capture her imagination also.

Well done Lauren!

Lauren is also a featured Author of which I’m proud to be an Associate Reader for (launch date 29th June ’11).



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3 responses to “Rowan – LAUREN HOWELL

  1. Thanks for the Great review! 🙂

  2. After reading this excellent review Rowan sounds just the sort of thing my granddaughter would enjoy reading. Must treat her to a copy.

  3. Stephanie Keyes

    I am about halfway through and enjoying this immensely.

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