Belle is Lesley Pearse’s latest book set in 1910 in the East end of London. Right from the very beginning you are introduced to the main character Belle, who is a 15-year-old girl full of innocence despite living in the ground floors of her Mothers Brothel. Belle has no concept of what happens upstairs until one day she see something that changes her life for ever.

Belle’s whole world changes because of this one night. Snatched from the streets near her house and transported against her will into a very sinister world where she has no control of her own fate. Only things she knows is that she must try to get back home and what ever cost. Along the way she meets many people, some good, some very surprising and some so nasty that you never see it coming.

This book blew me away. I read it cover to cover, nearly 600 pages in one weekend. Lesley has an amazing ability to write about a subject that is so shocking that really you should put the book down yet you are so desperate to see Belle survive and have faith that something good will happen next (which isn’t always the case!). A rollercoaster of emotions.

I was delighted to hear that this is not the end of the Belle saga. Belle’s War will be a follow-up (I believe next year). I have my own hopes for Belle but I know for certain what ever happens to her next I won’t be expecting it.

Fantastic book Lesley – Thank you!

The sequel to Belle will be available from 19th January 2012 – The Promise

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5 responses to “Belle – LESLEY PEARSE

  1. Margaret (Finchley)

    A very good review.
    I started BELLE last Sunday and finished it Wednesday. I have read all Lesley Pearse’s books and this one certainly didn’t disappoint. I love the way she introduces the characters so well that you never think later ‘ who’s this?’ and have to refer back (as in some books).
    I always get so involved with the main characters that I have to keep reading as I really do care what happens to them.

  2. I’d forgotten I liked Lesley Pearse, it’s such a long time since I read her. Must say the review intrigues me and I’m now going to hunt down the book.

  3. Shanka

    This book was amazing! I could not put it down. Every word written felt so real. I cannot wait for Belle’s War.
    Lesley Pearse you are an amazing Author, your books just entrap me and take me to other places. Thank You.

  4. Christine

    I just loved this book. I too couldn’t put it down. My husband read this too, he thought it was amazing, Love a lot of your books.

  5. Jessica

    This was the first Lesley Pearse book I read and i was just mesmorized, I just love this book and i cant wait for ‘Belle’s War’.

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