It Happened in Paris – MOLLY HOPKINS

This is the debut novel for Molly Hopkins and if this book is anything to go by, we will be reading a lot by this lady over the coming years!

The book focuses on the life of the main character, Evie Dexter. Flat sharing with her friend with little direction in her life she stumbles across a job thanks to a very hung over interviewer at Insignia Tours. Evie is going to be a Tour guide in Paris with only a copy of Vogue as reference material!

From the very start of her new job, life is full of obstacles that Evie must get through and try to maintain a professional and confident exterior whilst underneath not having a clue. Evie is sure she can pull it off, how hard can it be until she meets the very gorgeous coach driver, Rob.

This book is very funny and yet moving in parts. Evie is a character that you can really relate to. You want to will her to succeed but can’t help laughing at the silly things that happen as you know if could so easily be something that could happen to you. Maintaining a new job, distractions of a new man and lots of wine. Are these the makings of a great Tour Guide?!

Molly has introduced a character that is so engaging and I was thrilled to know that Evie adventures will continue. A great debut novel that I was very happy to share with friends.

Roll on It Happened in Venice!

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5 responses to “It Happened in Paris – MOLLY HOPKINS

  1. So appreciate your fabulous review and vote of confidence. IT HAPPENED IN SANTORINI, the third in the series is well underway. I’m on a roll.

  2. Dread to think what would happen to her in Vegas .. best not to think about!!

  3. Oooo Molly Santorini!! Love a bit of Greek!

  4. What a good choice. I love this book and know the author too – how lucky am I? – she’s just as lovely as her main character. I can’t wait for the others either. Her success couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.

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